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Our Services

Architectural Design

Our passion for producing beautiful and thoughtful architecture is boundless. Consideration and exploration of the site lead us to intelligent and sensitive design solutions, to capture the essence of time and place. We pride ourselves on the ability to listen to the client’s desires, then apply that to the design from the very beginning, so what we produce not only looks beautiful within the landscape, it works for you.

Design services Experts Koh Samui Architectural, Baya Luxury Design Studio
Design services Experts Koh Samui Architectural, Baya Luxury Design Studio

Interior Design

As crucial as any architectural work, interior design brings another level of wow factor to any property when done well. Materials, lighting, colours and layout transform interiors and bring tranquility and ease of living balanced with luxury and comfort. As with our architecture our interiors will have a continuity and clarity with the same attention to detail and finish with no area overlooked, from mood lighting to gorgeous sanitary-ware selections and feature wall details. Whether you need a stunning new design or your property or hotel needs a vital makeover, we can produce whatever you require. 

Furniture Design

When designing our interiors a large percentage of the furniture we provide is custom made, so everything not only fits perfectly in the space, it is designed specifically to balance the style throughout the environment. We custom make beautiful bespoke wardrobes, sofas, sideboards, coffee tables, any items the project demands. We have also developed a stunning range of sandblasted teak items made in Thailand with high quality manufacturers who only use responsibly sourced wood products. We also design and produce stunning fabric sofas and chairs locally, with a huge range of beautiful colour and finish options. Whatever your project requires, we literally have it covered.

Design services Experts Koh Samui Architectural, Baya Luxury Design Studio
Design services Experts Koh Samui Architectural, Baya Luxury Design Studio

Full Construction Team

All projects in the Dominican Republic are run through the highly respectable Alma Iglesias Contruction company. With a long track record of high quality construction, engineering and project architecture, their team will take our architectural and interior designs through to completion. They will manage all local planning regulations, surveying and full construction management with BAYA consultation throughout the process. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We will have an initial meeting online or in person, to discuss your requirements and make sure that we are the right designers for the project. We will discuss your ideas and wishes for the project and the proposed site so we can give our initial thoughts and feedback before we present a detailed proposal with our costs and services. If we are commisioned, we will then prepare the detailed program of design for your project from your brief and with our additional input. Once we are both happy with this program, we will begin our design process.

It is always beneficial to have a total budget in mind prior to the design stages so we can prepare rough estimates as early on in the process as possible. During the latter stages of the construction document preparations, we can also offer a range of materials which can reduce or increase the final costs dependant on your preferred selections. We are always aware of the intended build costs of each client and take this into account when designing each part of the project.

The interior design should really be done in conjunction with the architectural design to avoid variations during construction and unforeseen costs not listed on the final builders BOQ. As a fully integrated design agency we would handle both services in one package if necessary.

All local regulations should be clear and understood before the design process begins, so no time is wasted making costly design changes at a later stage. Local specialist firms will then prepare all the planning documents from our final architectural plans and submit them to the local authorities on your behalf. 

If necessary, early on in the process, we will share our initial concepts and plans to take advice from a construction team whom we know has produced similar work for us and understand our aesthetic intent. Having access to their practical construction expertise can save time and money later on in the process.
However, when it comes to asking for quotations for the total construction and finishing work, a bill of quantities (BOQ) must be produced and this can only be done when all plans are near completion, with all the independent specialist drawings included where possible, such as MEP, structural engineering, lighting and landscape design.
You may be able to seek an idea of the likely budget earlier on in the process but this should only be treated as a rough guide of costs. Variations during the actual building process are where the budgets can rise dramatically and should be avoided wherever possible.

We always advise that you hire a high quality construction team and an independent Project Manager. We then offer consultancy for any additional questions that may arise during the process – based on a monthly fee, dependent on how much involvement is necessary. Initial questions regarding drawing details and intended design aesthetic from the specialist teams are all included in our design fees as is the integration of the independent specialist drawings prior to construction.

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