new build or full renovation, whatever you require

Interior Design


BAYA Luxury Design Studio offer full-service interior design, focusing on the tropical regions, with over a decades experience living and thriving in these incredible environments. With an ever evolving eclectic approach, we build close relationships with our clients to provide design solutions that match their vision and budgets, with lifestyle choices at the top of our agenda.

We will work closely with architects, construction teams and various suppliers, whatever is necessary, to achieve the desired outcome on each project. With numerous contacts throughout the region, we can assist in every aspect of the process. Our interior design philosophy requires us to integrate architectural reference and details, so a seemless relationship between the interior and exterior is achieved.

Thoughtful and beautiful design with your lifestyle in mind.


If a renovation project or new build and works are underway, BAYA will carry out a site analysis and take detailed measurements of any relevant works or interiors.

When working on a new build project BAYA will work closely with the client and Project Architect to develop the interior spaces and finishes. Understanding a client’s lifestyle and preferences is crucial to how spaces relate to each other and the materials used to finish them. If a renovation project, then we will walk through the existing spaces to see if we can improve flow and function, access to outside spaces and light and air flow. We will take this information back to the drawing board, so to speak, and begin our conceptual designs and plans.

With the use of mood boards, colours, textures and products, we will settle on an overall theme, so the finished design will have a continuity, even if eclectic in style, each colour and texture and product will work in unison. Client input is crucial during these initial stages so we produce a design that sits comfortably with your tastes and lifestyles.

Our designs will include kitchens, wardrobes and any custom designed furniture, or space allocation for any future furniture and products purchases from our sourcing selections. We produce reflected ceiling plans, lighting and electrical layouts and work with any additional specialists, such as the MEP team, Audio visual etc to integrate any items or drawings into our works. Nothing is overlooked.

If our full interior design package isn’t included, interior architecture, such as ceiling plans and built-in wardrobe spaces will be taken into account, so major wall structures and the interior functions and services such as MEP (air-conditioning, sanitary-ware), will not need major re-adjustment when applying final interior design works. Our total design philosophy means a majority of the interior architecture will be informed by the architectural works. There will sometimes be a cross over of works with our interior design package, so this will be made clear in our list of services on each project. We will work in close partnership with the commissioned construction architects and engineers and contractors to apply any necessary adjustments prior to providing our final plans to the planning submission team and construction team.

Once a final concept design and layout is approved we shall produce detailed technical plans of all areas with 3D visuals to help all contractor teams in their works. Preferred kitchen and wardrobe or in-built furniture suppliers shall produce all shop drawings from our technical plans and do final on-site measurements for production, this protects the client from the blame game when it comes to installation time.

We will provide a material selection document for the construction team to follow and provide samples so you can approve the exact colours and finishes of each material that will be used in the design. We will also provide a detailed plan of any material pattern designs, such as stone or tile layouts to clearly inform the contractors on-site.

We will work closely with any additional specialists, such as kitchen and wardrobe manufacturers, audio visual installation, security and CCTV and curtain and blind manufacturers and integrate their detailed drawings and products into our works. Even though we design lighting layouts and selections, if any other lighting specialists are commissioned we are happy to collaborate with them.

Whether custom designed and produced or purchased from local or international suppliers, BAYA will provide a product selection document with style and budget options for your purchase.

Once the design is complete and the construction company is selected, BAYA offer a monthly Project Monitoring service to work closely with your construction team and Project Manager and provide the client with on-site progress reports and help translate the nuances and fine details of the design to the team and also if necessary provide any solutions or changes to the designs during the construction process.

In effect we can act as your representative by observing the progress of construction for conformance with the drawings and specifications, provide clarifications to our drawings, or with your approval, make any modifications to the design, which may impact the Contractor’s work.

We have a specialist team to take care of the installation of your final products, art pieces and accessories, to complete the final touches.

Our wonderful clients who let us know how we did.