new build or full renovation, whatever you require



Our design approach has been refined over many years living in these wonderful yet challenging environments, where our love of modernism is highly informed by the stunning tropicl landscapes. Beautiful form with exceptional function meet in modern simplicity, enhanced by our intense attention to detail and finishing.

We utilise the finest local materials and finishes available while managing your expectations and costs during the design stages, so you have a range of options when it comes to construction procurement and budgeting.

We design luxurious villas and spaces that feel like home.


Whether you are creating a new building or renovating an existing one, our first task is to take a thorough study of the site and all variables that could impact the design moving forward. We determine the sun path, weather patterns and note any views that may need to be taken into account when siting the building.
With a passion for nature and low impact at BAYA we will always try to design in harmony with the environment and landscape, protect mature trees and plants wherever possible and try to maintain space for plant and wildlife to flourish once again when the project is complete. An up to date CAD survey will help us establish the exact details of the plot which we can transform into 3D at the initial design stages. We will then work with all local regulations, such as height restrictions and boundary setbacks, which will all be taken into account prior to commencement of design works, so it’s clear from the outset what can actually be built.

From our meetings together and reviews of mood boards or previous works we gain a deep understanding of your specific needs, lifestyles and budgets which can help guide the design direction. Our design process then begins by converting the CAD survey into a 3D model so we can begin to establish the best site positions within the plot. We will then sketch floor plans and site plans culminating in a final master-plan.
With the use of massing and presentation models in 3D we can confirm siting and view potentials.
With the use of high quality 3D presentation software we will walk you through the initial designs and floor-plans to give you a very clear understanding of the concept and with client feedback make any necessary adjustments to produce the final architectural designs.

If our full interior design package isn’t included, interior architecture, such as ceiling plans and built-in wardrobe spaces will be taken into account, so major wall structures and the interior functions and services such as MEP (air-conditioning, sanitary-ware), will not need major re-adjustment when applying final interior design works. Our total design philosophy means a majority of the interior architecture will be informed by the architectural works. There will sometimes be a cross over of works with our interior design package, so this will be made clear in our list of services on each project. We will work in close partnership with the commissioned construction architects and engineers and contractors to apply any necessary adjustments prior to providing our final plans to the planning submission team and construction team.

Once a final concept design and layout is approved we shall produce detailed technical plans of all areas with 3D visuals to help all contractor teams in their future works. 

This will include a site masterplan, floorplans & elevations, detailed working drawings & material specifications. Bathroom, door and window schedules.

We will integrate all additional specialist drawings necessary, such as structural engineering, mechanical & electrical  and landscape design. A local architect will then prepare any planning submission documents when necessary.

From all these plans construction firms and quantity surveyors can prepare their BOQ for a detailed costing of the project.

We will provide a material selection document for the construction team to follow and provide samples so you can approve the exact colours and finishes of each material that will be used in the design. We will also provide a detailed plan of any material pattern designs, such as stone or tile layouts, so no detail is overlooked.

We will integrate all additional specialist drawings necessary, such as structural engineering, mechanical & electrical, audio visual, renewable energy, security and landscape designers and take into account the visual impact of these items where necessary.

Once the design is complete and the construction company is selected, BAYA offer a monthly Project Monitoring service to work closely with your construction team and Project Manager and provide the client with on-site progress reports and help translate the nuances and fine details of the design to the team and also if necessary provide any solutions or changes to the designs during the construction process.
In effect we can act as your representative by observing the progress of construction for conformance with the drawings and specifications, provide clarifications to our drawings, or with your approval, make any modifications to the design, which may impact the Contractor’s work.

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